Lotus Engineering Overview

Lotus Engineering Overview


In 1975 Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus, wrote: 

The most elegant, effective and traditionally Lotus solution is the one with the least number of parts, effectively deployed

Clients who work with Lotus Engineering can now expect much more. As a leading consultancy specialising in Vehicle Systems Integration, Powertrain and Chassis engineering, Lotus Engineering is taking projects from concept through to production for a wide range of clients throughout the world. Research, innovative engineering, modern facilities and a proven track record makes Lotus Engineering an extremely well-equipped and capable partner.


The strength of Lotus Engineering lies in its approach. Inherent in every project are considerations of complete vehicle performance and effectiveness, whether working on a collaborative venture taking an entire vehicle from concept to production, or just the outsourced prototyping of a single component for subsequent use in a larger programme. Using technology, skills and techniques acquired through continuing research, we are helping our clients put more efficient vehicles and engines into production in shorter lead times. 

Through strategic alliances with suppliers we establish a shared commitment and maximise the effectiveness of simultaneous engineering. By investing in the latest state-of-the-art computer technology which fully integrates with our clients and suppliers, we are able to form a seamless information exchange, sharing expertise, ideas and results in our progress towards the realisation of common project goals.

Our approach and the shared sense of vision with all our trading partners makes Lotus Engineering much more than the sum of its individual services.


The Powertrain division is responsible for every element of powertrain engineering, from early concept design to finished turnkey product. Major car manufacturers turn to us to use our huge pool of resources and high level of collective experience which spreads across many different disciplines. 

We have one of the most advanced and comprehensive engine testing centres in Europe and we're fast, creative, and customer-focused. We have the skill and experience to take on any type of powertrain project - four-stroke or two-stroke, spark or compression ignition, natural or pressure-charged induction. With an eye to the future, we have extensive experience in all types of alternative fuel technology.

There's a constant drive within the Powertrain division to create innovative solutions to engineering problems, and that can mean looking outside the automotive industry to find fresh and exciting answers.


Lotus Vehicle engineering can design, engineer, develop and manufacture technical solutions from individual components through to systems and whole vehicles. We can help your business by providing stylish, dynamic and successful solutions to your engineering problems. Our experience, technical excellence, understanding and passion for the vehicle engineering process, and our flair for product innovation set us apart. 

We have proved our engineering abilities in the automotive market over many years, from heavy goods vehicles to racing cars, and we have experience in a range of production technologies for low to high volume vehicles. Lotus involves technical, commercial and manufacturing disciplines at all stages of the process in a unified approach to simultaneous engineering. This enables us to implement right-first-time techniques, with reduced lead times and lower programme costs. Our technical excellence, project management skills and manufacturing capabilities are demonstrated in our work for Lotus cars and other clients.


Lotus Engineering has always been clearly committed to research and development ensuring we are at the forefront of the latest technologies. In the world of automotive engineering there's a never-ending race to make cars and engines more economical, less polluting, more powerful, cheaper to produce, lighter, quieter, better handling, and simpler and faster to design and develop. Our research engineers are constantly stretching, and often stepping outside, the boundaries of conventional thinking to create world-leading technological advances in all spheres of car design and development. 

A brochure will only ever project an impression of the true capability and flair that is Lotus Engineering. To capture what is the essence of any automotive engineering programme, the human element, let us welcome you at Hethel and introduce you to some of the people who will work with you. You will soon see why Lotus Engineering is a world leader, from concept to production.

Our track record of new technologies created by Lotus Engineering's research department is a long one. And our future technologies aren't just for today and tomorrow, we're already looking much further into the future.


Much of the engineering work we perform is strictly confidential, but a few projects are in the public domain. Since 1985, Lotus has engineered more than 38 major powertrains for clients, including the world's largest client engine project. As a result, more than 10% of new cars sold in Europe have engines designed and developed by Lotus. Lotus was integral in the development of the Opel Speedster / Vauxhall VX220, which we now manufacture for General Motors at up to 3,000 pa. Active systems have been built into more than 70 prototype and demonstrator vehicles, including the Scorpion tank, with Active track tensioning. 

The Lotus Elise which sets benchmark standards for performance through light weight, with patented bonded aluminium extrusion structure, has received over 50 industry awards. Lotus led the ULSAS (Ultra Light Steel Auto Suspensions) programme, demonstrating practical weight saving of 32% over benchmark technology. Lotus research programmes are conjoined with activities at 14 Universities and research centres, including the dedicated Lotus Laser Diagnostics Laboratory at Loughborough University and Rapid Prototyping at DeMontfort University. Lotus currently holds 136 Patents (pending and granted) in 69 families of which 21 have been licensed. Other projects include boats, trucks, buses, agricultural and off-road vehicles, motorsport engineering, and of course the Lotus bicycle winner at the 1992 Olympic Games.