📝 Autobiography

I, Pukazov Yaroslav Gennadievich, graduated from Peter the Great SPbPU, Higher School of Transport. Successfully passed and mastered the specialty program in the specialty 23.05.01 Land transport and technological means. Qualified as an engineer.

Since the beginning of the third year, distinguished by confident public speeches in front of the audience, I was nominated as a co-author and keynote speaker for the SPbPU Science Week 2017 on the following scientific article: "The state and prospects of the modern military automotive industry". At the same time, even in the second year of study, having distinguished himself with a creative approach and the use of modern computer technologies in the course work on the technology of structural materials, at the same Week of Science, the first original scientific article was published in co-authorship with associate professor of the Higher School of Mechanical Engineering Tretyakov Valery Pavlovich on the topic "Designing parts "Pulley" and modeling the process of obtaining blanks" (these materials still serve as an example when performing coursework by current students). Both scientific reports were awarded a diploma for the best report at the breakout session.

In 2019. during the passage of military training camps on the territory of the 9th Guards Artillery of the Keletsko-Berlin Orders of Kutuzov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Alexander Nevsky and the Red Star Brigade (v/h 02561), scientific developments were carried out, after which a scientific article was written on the topic "Building a three-dimensional tactical diagram for visual and analytical evaluation of the defeat of an armored vehicle in conditions of complex terrain and high-rise urban development".

Exactly after a one-year break, 4 scientific articles were published, three of them within the framework of the SPbPU Science Week conference, and one within the framework of the XXIII All-Russian scientific and Practical conference "Actual problems of protection and security". I have experience working with several scientific supervisors at once.

At the end of the specialty, he successfully defended his diploma on the topic "Sketch design of an electric motorcycle". The received scientific and technical groundwork in the performance of the final qualification work is successfully used at the enterprise of JSC "Russian Mechanics".

In general, five articles were published on transport topics during the training. Since 2017, two diplomas have been received for the best reports at sectional meetings of various departments within the framework of the Science Week conference.

In addition to research in the field of transport, developments in the field of material processing technology and the manufacture of blanks, as well as the philosophy and ethics of artificial intelligence are being actively conducted.

In addition to research at the university, he worked as a design technician at the JSC "Special Design Bureau of Transport Engineering" enterprise. Now I am implementing advanced production technologies 4.0 at the enterprise of JSC "Russian Mechanics"

👨‍🎓 Education

2015 - 2020г. Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) DIPLOMA SPECIALIST.jpg Form of education: Full - time
Orientation: Cars and tractors
Specialization: 23.05.01 Ground transportation and technological means
Qualification: Engineer

👨‍💻 Additional education

🎖️ Army service

Sworn in: July 6, 2019 Military unit 98570 (city of Luga)
Military rank: Soldier
MAS: 851256А (Mechanic for the repair and storage of automotive equipment, diesel engines)

👨‍🔧 Work experience

Total work experience:

2022 — present JSC «Russian Mechanics»
Design engineer III category
  • I'm designing off-road and snowmobile equipment
  • I'm implementing advanced manufacturing technologies 4.0
  • I'm organizing the interaction of the enterprise with universities

2020 — 2022y. LLC «TH Rokkat»
  • I was designed prototypes of cases
  • I was serviced cash register equipment
  • I have supported and developed software

Special Design Bureau of Transport Engineering
2018y. JSC «Spetsmash»
Junior Engineer
  • I was worked with design documentation
  • I was designed drawings according to GOST (ESKD)
  • I was undergoing military acceptance

2017y. LLC «Rokkat»
  • I was selling online sales registers
  • I was set up online advertising
  • I was developed and refined the website

☯️ Personal qualities

  • Ability to establish business contacts
  • High degree of responsibility and initiative
  • Strategic mindfulness and holistic worldview
  • Great efficiency and sociability
  • Normal egocentrism and authoritarianism
  • Balanced idealism

🧠 Foreign and computer languages

  • English (A1)
  • Chinese (HSK 1)
  • PHP (Junior)
  • MySQL (Junior)
  • HTML (Middle)
  • JS (Junior)
  • CSS (Middle)
  • Markdown (Junior)
  • LaTeX (Junior)

💻 Computer knowledge and skills

  • SolidWorks
  • T-Flex
  • AutoCAD
  • Kompas 3D
  • Microsoft Office
  • MatLab
  • SimInTech
  • mathCAD
  • Smath
  • LVMFlow
  • KisSoft
  • Lotus Suspension Analysis
  • 1C
  • Git
  • VS Code
  • 1C-Bitrix
  • Webasyst
  • Figma
  • Photoshop

🛠 Engineering knowledge and skills

  • PLM (PDM)
  • ERP (1C)

🪪 Driver's license and permits

  • Category A, A1
  • Category B, B1
  • Category C, C1
  • Category M
  • Certificate of a tractor driver AI
  • GIMS certificate for a small vessel
  • Permission for traumatic weapons
  • Permission for smoothbore weapons
  • Permission for rifled weapons

📍 Additional information

Lack of bad habits, energy, independence, responsibility, quick learning.